We Popped-Up In-Store

As you would have seen from our recents posts, House of Origin was asked by the online shop Etsy to participate in a pop-up shop at the Bondi Junction West Elm store.

Not only were we honoured to have been one of the chosen few (only 7 in fact), we had a really great day and met some other fantastically passionate Etsy sellers.

This was a really great opportunity to meet some customers face-to-face and discuss our products, materials and purpose.  Our homewares are a fantastic vehicle for expressing our company ethos and design approach, that of a considered, “whole cycle” attitude to all scales of our projects and processes.  We believe there is more that can be achieved and gained from a project’s design brief if you are prepared to consider the potential existing building fabric from the outset and plan for an appropriate level of repurposing for the clients and the public alike.

So, it was really incredibly satisfying to learn first-hand, from our customers, that this is actually a good idea.  Sounds crazy, but the founding director, Zander, started this architecture, design and repurposing business out of passion and a belief that this was a socially responsible creative outlet for the company, in the hope that others shared this ideal.  Apparently they do!

We were in-store from 1pm to 6pm and sold a bunch of boards, talked to dozens of people, handed out many, many business cards and company profiles and generally had a great time!  Such a great time talking in fact that Zander ended up talking himself horse!

So thanks to all of our family, friends and potential customer/clients who came and spoke with us.  We really appreciate your support and belief in House of Origin’s purpose and passion.  And a special thank-you shout-out to my cousin Angus for coming to take some great pics of Zander talking the talk!

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