House 2067 – Completion Draws Near!

It is with much anticipation that House of Origin can now say that one of our major projects, House 2067, is so close to completion we can almost taste the champagne.

With the final internal items being finished this week, the windows getting a thorough clean and the last down-pipes being connected to the rainwater tanks, the majority of the builder’s jobs have now been completed.

Over the last few weeks we have had a team of landscapers taking meticulous care of the external areas of the site.  They have levelled the rear yard, removed building debris from the soil (in some cases to be re-used elsewhere on-site, pavers etc), they have tested and ameliorated the soil with a prescribed mix to make-good the shale and clay we unearthed and today they have finally applied a new layer of fresh top-soil.

They have perfectly laid 60 meters of brick path and pool surrounds to ensure it is completely level and they have beautifully moisture-protected and back-filled our new retaining walls to keep the house dry from site run-off.  One of many measures taken to protect this rejuvenated heritage home.

We have recently also replaced the pool fence with a new and improved one, which now comes in black, rather than the pea-green of yore.  Our front fence along the street has been fully reconstructed, reinstating the bull-nosed brick strip-footing, adding new timber posts (replacing the old brick piers) and the reinstallation of the original wrought-iron panels.

Truly the final touches are in effect.  Even the fish-tank is now inhabited and the plants are starting to find new homes.

In the next week the lawn will be applied, plants deposited into newly arranged beds and then everyone can breathe a sigh of relief for a job well and truly done.

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