Want to design me a pop-up Milk Bar? Yes please!

House of Origin were recently approached by an existing client to assist with the interior design of a new “pop-up” Milk Bar on the promenade of Bondi Beach, Sydney’s tourist hot-spot and all-round beautiful place.

House of Origin have already been in discussion with this client to assist in the realisation of another cafe venture, but for this summer they wanted to quickly install a temporary Milk Bar to accommodate the school holiday, beach-going Christmas clientele.

We quickly reviewed the site, the existing branding for the product as well as appraising the time remaining before they wanted to open their doors (this weekend!) and in light of this, came up with a rapid design proposal that maximised the potential of materials available in the short timeframe.  The space is only small, so it was important to playfully display the brand and product to passers-by as well as patrons.


The proposal draws on the strong colour scheme already evoked within the branding and signage as well as the shop’s location on Bondi’s promenade.  With such a shallow service area, the intention was to visually draw people into the space with the graphics and some simple textures.  We specified a purple painted, textured 3D wall panel system that can easily be cut into shapes.  We proposed to use a simple stripe pattern to evoke the “milk-jug” to reinforce the traditional Milk Bar imagery.

We coupled this with a simple (and cost effective) plastic grass cover.  We specified this for the floor and part of the counter, as well as running it up parts of the service-are walls.  Being so close to the beach and relying almost solely on foot-traffic, we thought it appropriate to incorporate a material that can be experienced and enjoyed with the feet!  Many patrons will be walking directly from sandy Bondi beach and as such either be bare-foot or in flip-flops, so why not give then a new textural sensation that feels great and also reinforces the “milk” aspect of the brand by transporting the patron the a grassy pasture?!  Great summer fun.

We wish our client’s all the best for their opening this week and can’t wait to taste one of their beverages to accompany a stroll along the beach.

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