Approval for Shop Fit out #2 – D’Tanglz Hair Bar

House of Origin is very pleased to announce the design approval for our second shop fit-out at Mirvac’s Stanhope Gardens shopping complex, in Sydney’s western suburbs.

This great little hairdressing salon project came into our office as part of Mirvac’s general maintenance program for the centre, but it really has allowed the client to consolidate their 2 salons into one fantastic new space.  Ordinarily not an easy task getting more cutting stations into a small space, but a creatively collaborative effort with the client has allowed the salon to accommodate an additional 2 cutting stations along the existing functional feature wall.  Combine this with a more efficient use of the salon’s central space to include a “waiting table” and we have been able to significantly improve the use of the floor space.

The table is suitable for new patrons waiting for a cut, general waiting or even as a seat for existing patrons to wait with colour with their hair.  This multi-purpose table therefore had to be stain resistant, durable and also have power for hair dryers/straighteners or mobiles/laptops.  To add a little privacy to this less-than-public area, we relocated the point of sales counter and in its place have installed a display case, for flowers and promotions.  The entry now has a more welcoming feel, with the sales on the left as patrons enter and the merchandise on the right hand wall with flowers ahead to greet them.

The existing salon has a material pallette of grey laminate,polished steel mirrors, white 2pac poly joinery, a combination of grey floor tiles and a red glass splashback.  We have augmented this with a Champagne, pearl-finish Porter’s Paint, some elegant wallpaper, frameless mirrors, beautiful reflective feature pendants and a combination of black and white 2pac finished “wavey” 3D wall panels.  The facade is a uniform gloss black triangle tile to give a sleek, shiny and bold feel to the shop in a mall full of textured shop surfaces.

Hopefully the construction will commence shortly and have the owners operational before Christmas, with as-built pictures soon to follow!

Let us know what you think.



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