Collaborative Competition – Shortlisted Entry “The Cut”

House of Origin were pleased to collaborate with established Sydney artist, Connie Anthes for the artist/architect show “Expanded Architecture”, to be held this October in The Rocks.  Our project was selected and then, well, unselected, due to the structural limitations of the heritage building/”pop-up” site.

The brief for the exhibition was;

“…to respond to the concept of Reverse Projections, which is the idea of re‐constructing multifarious aspects of The Rocks back inside of The Rocks Pop- Up Space, these can be comprised of installation, moving image projection, and/or performance and include this in a month-long group show within a locally significant heritage building.”

Our response was to collaborate a response brining together the artist and the architects experiences in experimentation to establish a dialogue with a physical representation of time and environment, with the participants moving through a room full of physical casts of an external environment.

The Argyle Cut is one of The Rocks’ most dramatic examples of how the natural environment has been fundamentally altered and reconfigured since colonisation of the area began. Undertaken over 16 years and powered by convict and then council labour, “The Cut” demonstrates constructed form asserting itself over natural forms. The artist Connie Anthes and graduate architect/maker Zander Ricketson propose to collaborate on a residency project that reverses this process.

Beneath the foundations of the residency site at Cumberland Street, there is an exposed T-shaped fracture in the sandstone bedrock that the artist/maker team propose to make a sectioned cast of in latex or a more appropriate lightweight material. This natural “Cut” or void will then be removed and reinstalled in the residency site; a natural form reasserting itself over the built environment and allowing participants to once again walk through a man-made intersection of time, much like the existing “Argyle Cut”.

With the exhibition now underway, we thought it would be nice to share what might have been.

Below is a series of screen-shots from a fly-thru for our proposal.



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