House 2016 – Repurposed Laminated Vanity Top

House of Origin is pleased to announce the completion of our first commissioned repurposed custom carpentry.  This is an item where all materials a drawn from a single house of origin.

This laminated timber vanity bench-top was made from repurposed ceiling joists from a close friend’s recent residential development.

House of Origin were thrilled to be commissioned to contribute to their outstanding development by preparing this item in collaboration with Deston Interior and we are very pleased with the finished product.

The timber was removed from the ceiling to make room for the upstairs addition by the contractors and taken off site by House of Origin for cleaning, dressing and laminating.  As a point of interest the functional end of the board was trimmed off, flipped and re-laminated.  The completed board was then sanded perfectly level before the area for the sink to be housed in was cut out.

The freshly cut board was then treated with a highly water repellant sealant.  Deston Interior then constructed our collaboratively designed wall-mounted joinery unit below to suit this heavy vanity top and semi-recessed sink.

We think it looks pretty amazing in their beautiful new bathroom and as a special treat to the clients, House of Origin dressed the portion of laminated timber cut out for the sink and returned this to them as a custom cutting board, made entirely from their ceiling joists.

Hence a repurposed item of custom joinery, truly with a house of origin; House 2016.

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